Neurodiversity in the Workplace:

A Guide for HR and DEI Managers

Organisations that value inclusivity in all areas, from recruiting and retaining neurodiverse talent to facilitating growth, can gain a competitive advantage thanks to welcoming unique skill sets and ways of thinking. 

If we want to create a more inclusive workplace for neurodiverse talent, we need to make sure staff are fully supported. This means acknowledging that not all employees work on an equal playing field, and that it’s our responsibility, as HR and DEI managers, to change that with the right accommodations.

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We’re on your team. We want to help you better understand your neurodiverse employees so that you can support them as they add a competitive advantage to your company.

Neurodiversity in the workplace: the competitive advantage

Learn all about the competitive edge that employees with dyslexia, ADHD, autism, dyspraxia and executive function struggles can bring to a workplace. Discover how to ensure an inclusive environment where neurodiverse talent can thrive and deliver these benefits. 

Explore each section and learn about:

Neurodiversity in the workplace

Supporting neurodiverse employees isn't just important for diversity and inclusion, it allows organisations to reap the competitive advantages that neurodiverse employees can bring.

Learn about what neurodiversity is and digital inclusion in the workplace, as well as resources to use as we strive to foster an inclusive workplace that supports all employees.

Dyslexia in the workplace

What can we do to create a dyslexia-friendly workplace?

Learn about what dyslexic employees can bring to the workplace with the right support, and how to unlock their skillset.

ADHD in the workplace

Does your organisation have practices in place to support employees with ADHD?

Discover effective strategies to support employees with ADHD and understand how we can harness the unique advantages they can bring to our workplace.

Autism in the workplace

Is your organisation accommodating for employees with autism?

Learn about the unique advantages individuals with autism can bring to your company, and how to unlock these strengths in an inclusive workplace.

Dyspraxia in the workplace

Are employees with dyspraxia supported in your organisation?

Read about what individuals with dyspraxia can bring to any business, and what accommodations we can make to help them thrive.

Executive functioning challenges in the workplace

Is your organisation inclusive for employees with executive functioning challenges?

Learn how to support employees with executive functioning challenges at work with accommodations and assistive technology.

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