Introduction to creating an inclusive culture at work

Belonging is a fundamental human need. At work, employees feel a sense of belonging when they feel valued for their individual contributions (28%), and have a sense of community and connection to others (21%). A sense of belonging results in a 56% increase in performance. But many of us mask part of ourselves at work to “fit in”. Masking is exhausting! It’s bad for business too - limiting diverse thinking, innovation and creativity.

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An on demand series to creating an inclusive workplace culture

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What's the webinar series about?

As humans, we all want to be accepted, feel included and know that we belong. At work, it’s important that your employees achieve a sense of belonging. Without it, staff can feel unhappy, and lack motivation. In fact, a strong sense of belonging at work results in a 56% increase in performance. We thrive best in environments that support us, value us, and where we feel celebrated!

To achieve this, companies must make sure their culture promotes acceptance, inclusion and belonging - for everyone.

In this series, explore what you can do to improve your workplace culture, so that disabled and neurodivergent staff feel comfortable and confident to bring their full selves to work.

You'll receive 3 sessions including:

  • Session 1: 3 key ‘ingredients’ for creating an inclusive workplace culture
  • Session 2: Uncovering the power of neurodiversity champions & Employee Network Groups
  • Session 3: An EY story: The role of technology in ‘building a better working world’ for all

You'll also receive a bonus special where our panel explore small actions to help you personally drive cultural change at work.

Bonus Special: Driving cultural change at work, and reasons to take action

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Session details & speaker information

Session 1: 3 key ‘ingredients’ for creating an inclusive workplace culture

Developing an inclusive company culture begins with transparent leadership, is carried on through your people and, is supported by community initiatives. In this session our panel explore these 3 key ‘ingredients’ and how they form the building blocks of an inclusive culture. Discover how transparent leadership plays a role in the success of inclusion policies and practices. Explore how every employee can make a difference. Gain advice on initiatives that can help drive change.

Hear from:

  • Cathy Donnelly, Chief People Officer, Texthelp. Cathy joined Texthelp in 2022 as the company’s first ever Chief People Officer. After 25+ years' experience in Human Resources, Cathy's move to Texthelp was inspired by the company's strong purpose and values. Cathy's vision for Texthelp is one with a best-in-class global employee experience where everyone is supported to fulfil their potential. Her focus is on building a globally inclusive community that recognises and celebrates diversity, and fosters a high-performing culture.
  • Priyaneet Kainth, Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager - Consumer Healthcare, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). At GSK, Priyaneet is responsible for supporting the design, development and embed of the DEI strategy for Consumer Healthcare. Priyaneet is a qualified Agile, Business and Personal Coach. Priyaneet is passionate about helping people with disabilities through her own personal experiences of living with an invisible disability in the South Asian community. She is proud to be that woman in business she wanted to see when growing up. Her mission is to continue to create and influence meaningful change where people are respected, heard, and included, so that they can bring their authentic self to the workplace.
  • Paulette Cohen MBE, Head of Diversity & Inclusion (UK, Europe, ME), Barclays. Paulette leads Barclays global D&I business engagement and the D&I strategy across the region. She is focused on building a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment where all colleagues feel they belong and can grow their careers. She has led a broad range of D&I initiatives including the global roll-out of This is Me, Barclays campaign on disability, mental health and wellbeing, the power of diversity allies, and impact of working flexibly.

Session 2: Uncovering the power of neurodiversity champions & Employee Network Groups

Employee Network Groups (ENGs) and Neurodiversity champions can help staff to feel heard, represented and supported at work. They can help to drive meaningful change in any organisation.

In this session, explore the power of community initiatives when it comes to creating a truly inclusive culture. Gain advice from Barrie Morgan-Scrutton, Founder of North West NHS Dyslexia Network. Barrie shares how to develop these initiatives, and uncover the impact they can have on your people.

Barrie has been an Ambassador for Dyslexia within the NHS for 10 years, supporting staff and managers to understand Dyslexia and Neurodiversity. He does this through 1:1 coaching, as well as sourcing reasonable adjustments and arranging formal assessments. From this role, Barrie established the North West NHS Dyslexia Network, which has been running for the past 6 years. Through this network, Barrie is able to host in-person and online events to help spread awareness about Dyslexia and Neurodiversity.

Session 3: An EY story - The role of technology in ‘building a better working world’ for all

Success happens when all employees are encouraged to be themselves. Inclusive technology allows neurodivergent and disabled staff to embrace their unique ways of thinking, learning and working.

In this session, hear from Ernst & Young (EY), a company whose sole purpose is to 'build a better working world'. Discover how inclusive technology helps them to empower the unique voices of their employees. Explore tools that encourage employees to become the best version of themselves.

Speaking on behalf of EY is Kevin Grogg, Assistive Technologies Service Owner at EY. Kevin has been in his role for 6 years. His primary duty is to provide 1:1 Assistive Technology (AT) services “at a distance” via Microsoft Teams. Before EY, he worked 15 at Shepherd Center, the last 10 in the Assistive Technology department. He provided AT services for patients with spinal cord injuries or brain trauma.

Bonus special: Driving cultural change at work, and reasons to take action

Driving workplace inclusion is everyone’s responsibility. From leadership and DE&I teams, to Human Resources and individual employees - we all have a part to play. We can each make an impact. Together we can drive cultural change at work.

In this bonus special, our panel share why workplace inclusion matters, and build a business case to help you take action. Discover small actions you can personally take that can lead to a big impact in improving the working world for all.

Hear from:

  • Diane Lightfoot, CEO, Business Disability Forum. Diane Lightfoot is CEO of Business Disability Forum, a not-for-profit membership organisation that supports businesses to recruit and retain disabled employees and to serve disabled customers. BDF’s 450+ members employ c.20% of the UK workforce and 8 million people worldwide. They range from FTSE 100 companies to technology and construction companies, retailers and public services bodies. Diane is also co-Chair of the Disability Charities Consortium and a member of the Disability Confident Business Leaders Group. She is passionate about the role of good work in transforming people’s lives.
  • Dan Harris, CEO, Neurodiversity in Business. Dan is the CEO of Neurodiversity in Business, which is focused on supporting UK businesses to implement Neuroinclusive workplaces. Dan is a Director at Deloitte, and has led their Neurodiversity at Work programme for the last 4 years. Dan is also a specialist advisor on Employment to the Autism Centre of Excellence.
  • Marcia Brissett-Bailey, Cultural Perspective Committee - Chair, British Dyslexia Association. Marcia has recently been identified as being among the Top 50 Influential Neurodivergent Women 2022. Nominated for the Stereotype Buster of the year category in 2021/22 Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards! She is a Narrative changer and Forbes featured, international speaker, author. She co-founded the British Dyslexia Association Cultural Perspective Committee. She is an observer of BDA Executive Board. Marcia is a trustee of the Waltham Forest Dyslexia Association, an Advisory Board Member of the Centre for Neurodiversity at Work, and she is also a member of the co-production board for neurodiversity in Business.