Science of Reading with UDL in Mind: How to Supercharge your literacy Instruction

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The Science of Reading is a step towards advancing the literacy of millions of students. But while evidence-based instruction, curriculum, and professional development will take us far, we still need to account for staff shortages, scaffolding, and support independent learning. 

Join Universal Design for Learning (UDL) specialist and former secondary language arts educator Joni Degner will show how the addition of technology tools (like speech to text and more) can empower learners to read and understand content independently. 

She’ll model how these tools support the Science of Reading by:

  • Modeling fluent reading
  • Building phonemic awareness and word recognition
  • Supporting phonemic spelling
  • Assisting with word recognition and pronunciation

Meet our speaker

Joni Degner

Joni Degner is a trusted voice and recognized leader in the implementation of UDL for schools, districts and other institutions of opportunity. Joni is an account manager for Texthelp, supporting schools across the central United States.. She is a dedicated partner to CAST and the UDL-IRN, presenting and keynoting at major summits & symposiums. Joni is passionate about equity, Universal Design for Learning, culturally responsive teaching, developmental relationships and design thinking. As a public school teacher, UDL consultant, equity advocate, and fulltime Texthelper, Joni has worked with school districts and universities across North America to implement UDL and improve learner outcomes. Joni is known for her high energy presentation and practical teaching strategies.