Delivering high quality healthcare in today’s target-driven NHS depends on effective dialogue between patients and their families, clinicians and administrative staff.

With one million patients served every 36 hours, common barriers to communication can include differences in language and culture as well as low levels of health literacy.

The accessible information standard is compelling NHS organisations to be more patient-centred in all of their communications. 

Our smart, easy-to-use support technologies can help you to meet the standard and empower NHS staff and patients to read, write and be understood wherever and whenever services are delivered. Our assistive technology solutions help to realise the vision of a paperless NHS, while making the workplace more accessible and inclusive for every employee.

Empowering patients to self serve

Online patient care promises dramatic cost savings and efficiency improvements. From support with booking appointments to ordering repeat prescriptions, our assistive technology can improve engagement for 12 million people in the UK who lack the digital skills to use online services with confidence.

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  • Browsealoud
Computer screen displaying a website using browsealoud
Computer screen displaying a website using browsealoud

Boosting productivity & morale in today's NHS

A significant proportion of NHS professionals stand to benefit from help with overcoming day-to-day literacy and language challenges - whether it’s reading and writing notes, researching care options or communicating cases to other clinical staff.

Available Product
  • Read&Write
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Read&Write: boosting confidence and achievement in the workplace .

Our Read&Write family of literacy software makes the web, documents and files more accessible - any time, any place, and on any platform or device.

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Browsealoud: lowering barriers between organisations and their customers.

Give all your website visitors a better experience – and reduce barriers between your content and all your audiences.

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what our customers in healthcare say...

NHS England

Living in an increasingly digital world, the NHS England website is often the first place people go for health information, so it is vital that it’s accessible to as many people as possible.  1 in 10 people in the UK have literacy or language challenges meaning that accessing the information on websites can be difficult. That’s why we’ve introduced Browsealoud, to ensure that as many people as possible can easily access our information and services online.

Scott Durairaj, NHS England
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