Ongoing welfare reforms are driving more public services online. But that means that people with everyday literacy difficulties - and those who lack digital skills - can often get left behind. 

With the growth of initiatives like digital housing hubs, there’s a pressing need for assistive technology to narrow this gap. From making rent payments to accessing information about universal credit, housing associations and other providers of social housing can give extra help and encouragement for tenants who need it most. 

Giving tenants confidence online

In order to claim universal credit tenants must go online. But with 12 million people lacking basic digital literacy skills, and over 4 million people speaking English as a second language, accessing and understanding this support can be a big challenge.

UK households without access to the Internet are sacrificing average savings of £560 per year. What’s more, social housing providers could generate annual savings in excess of £340 million by implementing more cost effective communication with their residents.

Accessibility is the key to successful uptake of online services, and digital inclusion software has been shown to increase users’ comprehension by more than 20%.

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Embracing a more diverse workforce

With almost 8 million people born outside of the UK and 19% of the working population having a disability, today’s workplace is increasingly diverse. These factors can make understanding and communication - internally and externally - more of a challenge. ‘Hidden’ disabilities like dyslexia can create a lack of confidence and employees not reaching their full potential without the necessary support. Satisfied employees are 31% more productive and 10% more engaged at work. Assistive technology software alone has been proven to increase staff engagement and performance by 20%, simply by removing the barriers to communication.

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MHS Homes

Browsealoud helps to make our online services accessible to a wider audience, especially among our customers, as a number of them require extra help to read text online.

Since we installed browsealoud on our new website, more than 1500 speech requests have been made by site visitors. This shows what a positive impact browsealoud has had on an audience that may not have been able to access our website content easily before.

Maria Soleil, MHS Homes
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