Emergency Services

Actions taken in the first few minutes of an emergency are critical, where the need to communicate clearly and accurately is paramount. Digital technologies are transforming interaction between the general public and emergency services, enabling a coordinated response to a wide range of emerging threats and other situations.

Improved incident reporting and communications

Giving extra help to employees with literacy needs - including staff with dyslexia and those whose first language isn’t English - can assist more effective collaboration in the workplace. As well as improving the speed and efficiency of delivering front-line services, literacy support can enhance the accuracy of incident reporting to benefit staff and emergency service users.

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Better public access to online services

Individuals who lack basic digital skills are often deterred from using services online. Providing enhanced access through the web impacts dramatically on the accuracy and speed at which emergencies are reported. Assistive technology can remove barriers to public uptake of these essential online services.

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Fire Brigades Union

Staff now understand their own learning capabilities and what works for them. This has helped them in their family and social lives as well as at work. The Fire Service has improved its efficiency because individuals have a clearer understanding of procedures. Now they respond more quickly and can operate at a higher level.

Trevor Shanahan, The Fire Brigades Union

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