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61% of donors worldwide prefer to give online - but how accessible is your website, for them to do so? 

The web is a powerful, highly cost-effective tool to maximise charities’ visibility and direct fundraising efforts. But a lack of digital skills - as well as literacy and language challenges - can be a barrier to engaging with potential donors. 

Tap into the disability spending power in the UK of £212 billion by providing an accessible website, and donation services, with digital inclusion software Browsealoud.

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How can Browsealoud help? 

Browsealoud helps to make websites more accessible by providing easy speech, reading and translation support within one toolbar. 

Add this functionality to your website, and you will:

  • support donations from those with literacy challenges 
  • facilitate international donations 
  • help comply with the Equality Act 2010 
  • reflect corporate social responsibility beliefs 
  • ensure everyone can understand success stories, support information and volunteer opportunities 
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  • Browsealoud
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Don’t forget about office staff

Read&Write lets all not for profit employees read, write and express themselves more confidently.

From writing reports and presentations to accessing the intranet and completing external research, our workplace literacy solution lets staff create and process content more efficiently. 

Features including speech and audio maker reinforces understanding and gives tired eyes a break. Word prediction learns the words most regularly used and accurately predicts what should be typed next - great for writing reports or emails. 

Learn more about how other Read&Write features can help your office or volunteer staff. 

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  • Read&Write
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Read&Write: boosting confidence and achievement in the workplace .

Our Read&Write family of literacy software makes the web, documents and files more accessible - any time, any place, and on any platform or device.

Learn more about Read&Write
Browsealoud: lowering barriers between organisations and their customers.

Give all your website visitors a better experience – and reduce barriers between your content and all your audiences.

Learn more about Browsealoud
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what our customers in not for profit say...

Simon Stevens

As a leading disability consultant, my website is very important to showcase how I have overcome various issues with the work that I do, as well as reflecting my values and principles. I must be able to practice what I preach and therefore it is important my website is as accessible as I would expect other websites to be. Browsealoud is an integral component of my website to help a wide range of users, and potential customers, who might have difficulties reading online content.

Simon Stevens, Independent Disability Consultant

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