Flying the flag for UDL in math and STEM


Here at Texthelp, we’ve been big advocates of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) for quite some time now. We’re fervent believers in allowing students to access and integrate into their own education journey, at times and in ways that are most suitable for them. We’re frequent attendees at the annual UDL-IRN conference and have made lots of life-long friends there who are both advocates for and experts on UDL.

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Tools to support students where they learn & work online


With the move to distance learning, students are interacting with increased amounts of content online. This move comes with new challenges and adjustments to the way all students are completing their semester. 

Texthelp’s Read&Write toolbar provides access for students within the digital locations commonly used to host and teach online. These resources are key for many students to continue their learning and finish their term successfully. 

Update: The good news is that an integration with Respondus LockDown Browser is now available! This allows students to have access to Read&Write while taking exams. While some Read&Write features may not be exam-friendly, like an online dictionary that opens in your web browser, this new Read&Write “lockdown mode” allows access only to approved features such as text to speech, in order to maintain the integrity of the test itself.

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What’s your blended learning game plan?


As the initial panic caused by emergency remote learning has subsided, schools & teachers are looking ahead and preparing for a return to ‘school’, wherever that may be. With a desire to not only gain back some control over their teaching practices but to also implement some of the strategies and tools that have worked well during this period of forced distance learning. Whether that’s in class or a hybrid approach with a mix of in person and online delivery.  

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SEN webinar recap: what does the future look like for SEN?


On Wednesday 17th June we hosted a webinar examining what the future looks like for SEN. This opened up a lot of great discussion amongst both the panel of SEN experts and the diverse audience of teachers, SEN leaders and senior managers. Raising interesting points about access to technology, engaging parents, key challenges for the future and supporting students emotional & mental wellbeing. 

Read the panel’s thoughts on the most commonly asked audience questions from the day. And if you have a burning question about using technology to support your SEN students that’s not included, you can Tweet us @texthelp #SENFutures, we’d love to keep the discussion going. 

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Back to School - contingency plans for remote learning


NEWS: As part of the mission to get all students back into school in September, the UK Government has announced that all learning institutions must have contingency plans for remote learning in place by the end of September 2020. This is a future-proofing measure to ensure that all students will be able to resume learning from home in the case of local lockdowns and school closures.


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Decoding LaTeX with EquatIO


If you’re unfamiliar with the term, at its most basic, LaTeX is a language that ensures math content can look consistently great in documents, web pages and on digital platforms. If you studied math or science at undergraduate or postgraduate level, you’ll likely have used LaTeX to help create and insert beautiful and accurate math content into an assignment, dissertation or thesis. For some, you’ll have enjoyed learning it. For others, it may have been a chore. Most though will agree that without it, creating math for use in digital documents would have been slow and painful and in some cases next to impossible. 

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