The Three Cs - Texthelp @ MathsConf 15, June 2018


Collaboration. Creativity. Critical thinking. Essential skills for today’s students, and it’s important that we include opportunities within learning to encourage and develop these skills. Technology in our classrooms has provided us with new ways to engage pupils in learning; new ways to allow them to explore their subject and new ways to work together. Our pupils are living in a digital world and classrooms are adapting.

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Kid-Friendly Tips to Prevent the Summer Slide


This week we have another guest blog post from Kristine Scharaldi, an education consultant and instructional coach with a specialization in the fields of educational technology, Mind-Brain-Education, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and 21st Century Skills/Global Education.

Summertime learning does not have to look like school learning to be valuable. Instead of working through a packet of worksheets, kids can spend time doing activities that they are interested in while developing literacy in authentic ways. The freedom and flexibility that summer brings opens up added possibilities for informal, exploratory, and playful learning. Here are suggestions to encourage students to continue reading and writing while in “summer mode”.

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Supporting EAL pupils with technology


English as an additional language learners are an increasingly significant part of our classrooms. So too, of course, is technology.  

The question then is how do we marry the two and ensure we deliver effective practice with technology? How do we select tools and develop strategies for EAL pupils?

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Small Changes for Big Wins - Texthelp @ EdTech Expo 2018


“Be better. Little changes can be a really big deal. So try doing something just a tiny bit better. It all adds up.”

That’s a quote written on the wall of the Texthelp offices - the wall I face most days. Taken at a glance, sometimes it can feel like one of those cheesy motivational quotes we all have in our schools and offices. Think about it a little longer though and you’ll realise it’s a very powerful message.

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Texthelp at #ISTE18


With the ISTE 2018 Conference less than a month away, it's all things ISTE here at Texthelp. If you're planning on attending and want to learn more about Texthelp or our products, here is a helpful guide to all of the Texthelp activities that are going on at #ISTE18!

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