Make Materials Accessible with Your Phone Using Snapverter


For those who aren’t familiar, Snapverter™ is a Texthelp tool that makes it easy for teachers to turn their paper worksheets and inaccessible files into accessible classroom content.

Snapverter takes files like images, inaccessible PDFs and Daisy books and converts them to accessible PDFs and ePubs. The app integrates with Google Drive, so converted materials can be easily shared with students and colleagues.

One of the most popular (and creative) ways that we’ve seen Snapverter used is on a smartphone or other mobile device. You can snap a quick photo of a document or worksheet and use Snapverter to convert it into a PDF – turning your smartphone into an OCR scanner!

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Win a Chromebook During Teacher Appreciation Week


This week kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week in the U.S., which is the designated time of year to say thanks for all of the hard work that educators put into helping today’s youth prepare for a successful future. While we should all appreciate teachers every day, Texthelp is joining in this week’s activities by offering a chance to win a Chromebook each day, and renewing every educator’s free subscription to the premium version of Read&Write for Google Chrome™.

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Reading in the UK: The Next Steps


The statistics on child literacy in recent times in the UK, tell a depressing story .  According to the Minister of State for School Reform, Nick Gibb, “Of those children who failed to achieve a level 4 in English at the end of primary school in 2009, only one in 10 went on to achieve five good GCSEs, including English and Maths.”

The UK Government recently released a report on addressing literacy standards in schools.  They called it Reading: the next steps. Supporting Higher standards in schools

The report looks at the growing problem of low literacy in the UK and highlights the steps that can be taken to help. In the report, there is a fundamental statement which underpins everything that the next steps hope to achieve, “Pupils who can read are overwhelmingly more likely to succeed at school, achieve good qualifications, and subsequently enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding career. In addition to its substantial practical benefits, reading is one of life’s profound joys.”

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Making Time for Voice Recording


This week’s post comes from Chris Bugaj. Chris is an Assistive Technology Strategist and Speech Language Pathologist at Loudon County Schools in VA. He is also a blogger, speaker, podcaster, author, and all around busy guy. Thanks so much for the post Chris! 

There are 168 hours in one week.

Meet Joey. Joey is a fourth grade student who has trouble with handwriting. Or, maybe he’s an eighth grader who can tell you what he wants to say but struggles getting it out in a written form. Or, maybe she’s a high schooler who has learned long ago that she’d prefer to be out playing field hockey than writing an essay.

If you’re an educator, you know Joey.

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April 2015 Fluency Tutor for Google Updates


Fluency Tutor for Google™, Texthelp’s time-saving leveled reading and assessment tool that helps busy teachers support struggling readers just got better.

Now in addition to being able to share pre-created Fluency Tutor reading passages with students, educators can also create and share passages from the web. This makes an almost unlimited number of passages available to share with students of all grade levels and reading abilities.

And that’s not all… Now teachers can earn free premium access simply by sharing Fluency Tutor for Google with other teachers. 

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The “Aha Moment” – Also known as, “Stevie Doesn’t Like Tomatoes”

Reposted with permission from Thanks for sharing Janet!

You know it – that moment, the exact point in time when the light bulb turns on.  That moment when a student “gets it.” You see an expression of enlightenment, satisfaction, understanding – you may even see a smile.  This is the moment every teacher lives for. It’s when you feel like you’ve finally broken through, you’ve reached the summit, you’ve made a difference. You’ve succeeded in imparting knowledge on this day. THIS is why we teach.

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