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Last month, we stumbled upon a funny little excerpt from a podcast that one of Texthelp’s products was mentioned in. In the excerpt, a guest of the show said that if she could only bring one Chrome extension on a deserted island, she would take Read&Write for Google Chrome with the Word Prediction tool [see video below]. What struck us wasn’t that we were mentioned, while we were honored that we made Samantha’s island choice, it was the quality of the show’s resourcefulness, the beat of the conversations and the manner of how the host ran the show. It was informative while still fun to watch. It had some laugh out loud moments and was really professionally put together. I wanted to watch more and I just had to get in touch with the creator and host.

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Speech Input, Simplify and Summarize Now Part of Read&Write for Google Chrome!

The 2014 school year is now well underway for most schools in North America and what better way to start the new year than with a new Read&Write for Google Chrome update! New premium features including Speech Input for Google Docs, Highlighting and Vocabulary support for web pages, and a new Simplify and Summarize tool for the web are now available.  Continue reading for details (and videos!).

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Twitter Quick Start Guide for Educators

Twitter is one of the best sources of up to date information for educators that I have found. However, if you are new to Twitter it can be a little intimidating at first to understand how to create an account, who to follow, what to tweet, and so on. The purpose of this post is to serve as a quick start guide for those looking to join for the first time or become more active in the Twitter community.

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5 Tips for Using Highlighting Tools in the Classroom

Last week I wrote about Google’s new Add-Ons for Docs and Sheets and demonstrated how to find, install and use Texthelp’s Highlighting Tools in Google Docs.  This week I am sharing a few tips I wrote for using the Highlighting Tools Add-On in the classroom. While these tips were written specifically for using the Add-On within a Google Doc, they are just as relevant for students using Read&Write for Windows, Read&Write for Mac, Read&Write for Google Chrome™, or even regular old highlighters and a notebook.

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