Workplace adjustments in the age of remote working


Remote working isn’t new. Individuals and organizations have been working remotely and flexibly for years – some more than others – but it’s taken a worldwide emergency like Covid-19 to truly bring it to the forefront, forcing the hand of employers to allow their workforce to work remotely. But it isn’t as simple as just having a device that you can log on to from home or a video conferencing platform like Zoom or Teams: it’s about having the right mindset, policies, processes and adjustments in place to enable and support employees to do their jobs whilst supporting their wellbeing. 

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Why kindness matters in life and work


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In this guest blog, our friends at BPDTS share with us how they've been supporting the wellbeing of their employees while working remotely. Hear from their CEO, Loveday Ryder, as she outlines some of the ways that they've been supporting their employees to adapt and stay connected.

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This (inaccessible) digital world


So, you’re three months into lockdown already, and you’ve gotten into a bit of a routine. 

At first, when your organization sent everyone to work from home, things were really rough. It’s been hard for you to get information about the covid-19 pandemic. It seems that every site you visit, including that for a global leader in health policy, is designed to prevent you from getting clarity: you can’t seem to land on relevant information, and just navigating the site seems like a journey full of blind alleys and dead-ends.

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‘Women over 55 don’t cook!’


Obviously, women over 55 years old do cook.  

So, when I was asked my thoughts on user experience and the role of web accessibility, my first thought was of a meeting that we at the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers (RiDC) had with a chief designer of a global white goods manufacturer. He (which feels important to mention) told us that they only use women between the ages of 25 and 55 years old in their usability tests for cookers. 

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12 ways the workforce will change


In the past few months, the workforce has flipped on its head. One thing is for sure - the future of the workplace and workforce will be changing. 

So, what changes and developments will stick around? Twelve thought leaders weigh in on how they think the workforce will change once we’re back to normal.

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How can you remove online barriers to Higher Education?


Every organization strives for excellence, and for educational institutions this means providing the best learning environment for each and every learner. We know that providing a supportive experience for your learners is at the forefront of everything you do, but does your website also live up to your standards?

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