Making essential digital communications inclusive & accessible


Did you know that the average reading age of someone in the UK is just 9 years old? That 67 million people in America speak English as a second language? That across the world, 285 million people are living with sight loss and visual impairments? And that 1 in 7 people are neurodiverse?


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FAQs around web accessibility


At Texthelp, we’re doing what we can to help make the digital world a more inclusive place for everyone. That’s why we’ve been working with industry experts to bring you informative webinars around web accessibility. In our latest webinar, ‘Making essential digital communications inclusive and accessible’ our listeners had some great questions for us, which we wanted to share with you. So, we’ve put together a full list of FAQs that someone kick-starting their journey into web accessibility may have...

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7 remote employee engagement ideas


As the Texthelp offices sit empty and quiet, missing the warmth and friendliness of our Texthelpers, the virtual world has gained 180 glowing smiles, determined to keep our happy harmony in tune. 

Since working from home, we’ve felt encouragement from one another to stay in touch and engaged. Initiatives set up by our leaders work alongside those set up by our thoughtful colleagues. Very naturally, within a very short space of time, we saw our calendars filling up with small pockets of normality, that would help us to stay calm and connected over the course of time to come. 

To help remote teams around the world, we thought we would share with you what we’re doing at Texthelp, to spark some ideas for employee engagement in your own organization...

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How to onboard remote employees


We’ve recently had eight new people join the Texthelp team whilst we’ve been working from home, and we’ve another three on the way over the coming weeks. As our HR team works hard to onboard our new colleagues remotely, we thought we would share their experiences with you, to bring you some useful insight. So, we grabbed a virtual chat over some coffee with one of our HR Officers, Andrew McDermott...

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Product update: Meet Browsealoud v3


Browsealoud has been given a revamp and it’s now faster, more efficient and more accessible than ever before. In this blog, you’ll find all the details you need to know about the latest update, so have a quick read and check out version 3 for yourself.

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How to make your web content accessible and D&I friendly


At its core, diversity and inclusion communications is about making sure your message reflects and connects with your audiences. Seems pretty simple, right? But most marketing communicators understand that simple isn’t always easy. Sometimes, it’s hard enough to make sure your message lands just right, let alone worrying about the format. So when it comes to translating it into digital spaces, it can often feel like opening up Pandora’s box.

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