Elevating the Student Experience: Exciting Updates to our DSA Product Suite

At Texthelp, we are completely committed to creating inclusive and accessible learning environments. We constantly strive to enhance your experience with our tools, particularly those designed for the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA). We’re excited to share the latest updates across our entire DSA product suite, all designed to empower students and ensure a seamless and enriching educational journey.

Here's a quick rundown of the DSA updates


Our team of developers have been working hard to enhance the text-to-speech features across the DSA product portfolio.


AutoCorrect is a powerful new add-on to your new Read&Write and ClaroRead licences. AutoCorrect offers automatic spelling correction as students type. It also gives discreet support in any platform, helping students produce error-free work without disrupting their writing flow.

Meet new voices

Students can now experience a more human-like touch with our latest additions to our in-product voices. We have invested in new Amazon Polly Neural voices. All new Read&Write and ClaroRead licences will offer these more human-sounding voices, creating engagement and a relatable user experience. We're thrilled to announce the addition of Welsh and Scots Gaelic voices, recognising the diversity in our user base. This means students can now listen to content in voices that resonate with their unique linguistic characteristics, promoting inclusivity and enhancing satisfaction.

Mobile offerings

Our latest mobile offerings mean that students can now, more than ever, stay in sync with their dynamic university lifestyle. ClaroRead and Read&Write now provide access to essential product features on the move. Promoting an even more flexible approach to learning than ever before.

Updates to ClaroRead

ClaroRead users can now access the OrbitNote tools

New ClaroRead DSA licences now give users access to OrbitNote premium. Orbitnote will allow users to use all their favourite ClaroRead features directly on a PDF without any need to convert.

The ScreenRuler is now only available in ClaroRead

ScreenRuler is now only available with ClaroRead licences. ScreenRuler allows part of the screen to be highlighted or underlined depending on the user’s preference. This helps students to concentrate by focusing on smaller amounts of text at a time, reducing distraction and visual stress.

Equatio meets OrbitNote

Every Equatio licence now comes with OrbitNote

New DSA licences for Equatio will now come with OrbitNote, supercharging accessibility in PDFs for students. OrbitNote will read maths and text aloud in any document, PDF, webpage or image. With OrbitNote, students have flexible options for annotating PDFs, enabling them to complete maths worksheets with ease.

Global Tasks

Student needs vary, and so does their planning. We listened to what you and students had to say and got to planning ourselves to make Global Tasks even better.

Duplicating now made effortless

Say goodbye to repetitive setup. Now students can effortlessly duplicate tasks and project lists for quick replication. Streamline workflow and allow students to focus more on the content of their writing.

Connectivity is key

Global Tasks now supports hyperlinks, allowing students to link directly to recorded lessons, Google Classroom, reference documents, and more. Enhance collaboration and organisation with a click.

Better scheduling flexibility

Students now have more options when scheduling recurring tasks. Tasks can be set to repeat fortnightly, quarterly, or every 6 months. Help students to stay organised and in control of their productivity.

Writing Helper

These latest enhancements to Writing Helper will ensure students can structure, cite and source any writing task like never before.

User defined templates

Students can use structures from previous projects and save custom templates to help kickstart their writing process. Just another way to make writing easier and keep students focused on composition.

Citation support

The new citation feature provides the student with suggestions as to where the previously used source a piece of writing is taken from, who wrote it and the title. So students can dive into their writing without any distractions.

Copy clipboard

This new feature allows students to paste images, text, a file, or any combination of files into their writing document adding a creative boost. Students can easily showcase ideas, illustrate points and organise their information seamlessly. So, go ahead, paste away, and bring your ideas to life!

Sources from previous projects

Many students often use the same information in their studies. Now, with Writing Helper, you can grab important points from old sources. It's like a time-saving superhero for assignments.

Integration with Text-to-speech and Speech-to-text tools

Writing Helper is a word wizard because it can integrate seamlessly with tools such as Read&Write, ClaroRead and Dragon. Making writing more accessible for everyone, including those with different learning preferences or abilities, by providing options to either listen or dictate.

Dictation input

In Writing Helper there are many spots where you can type your thoughts. Now, we’re jazzing it up by adding dictation abilities. That’s write you can talk and it will type, allowing students to express their ideas, thoughts and creativity without the possible challenges typing can cause.

Notes feature

With this new feature anyone can add comments to a project. This means students can make notes that they can refer back to later or they can invite others to give feedback.

We want to hear from you!

These exciting updates to our DSA product suite are designed to revolutionise the way students engage with tasks at university.

From enhanced accessibility to improved organisation, our tools create an inclusive and supportive environment that promotes independence, organisation, and self-advocacy. Try them out and share your thoughts with us – we can't wait to hear from you.

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