Get ready for the school year with our Back to Campus Series

Join our series of webinars and discover the power of Read&Write, OrbitNote and Equatio. Our Higher Education team will guide you through each tool's features and functionalities, and show you how to help students integrate them into their learning and study practices for the upcoming academic year. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your understanding of these tools and better support your students in the weeks and months to come.

You’ll come away with:

  • Understanding and increase mastery of Texthelp Tools
  • Ways to better support student use of these tools in your office or across campus
  • Applications for various features as it relates to higher ed learners

And more…

Discover the benefits of the powerful literacy support tools, Read&Write and OrbitNote, Texthelp’s PDF Reader. These tools support students when reading, writing and researching, allowing them to become more independent learners.

Available Dates:

August 16th | 12pm EST

August 29th | 4pm EST

September 7th | 1pm EST

September 19th | 4pm EST

Transform the way your students learn and faculty teach STEM based content with Equatio - the powerful STEM tool that empowers them to create and express math with ease.

Available Dates:

August 23rd | 4pm EST

August 31st | 12pm EST

September 12th | 1pm EST

September 27th | 4pm EST