Get ready for Back to School with Texthelp

Back to School Training Webinars

We know that preparing for the new school year can feel daunting, but here at Texthelp, we want to lend a helping hand wherever possible.

We are offering a full schedule of virtual trainings to help make the new term smooth sailing.

Whether you are new to your Texthelp products, or you would like a refresher, these trainings are full of great information on how to get started, enhance your usage and learn more about exciting updates to your Ed Tech solutions.

Read&Write Plus: Exciting Additions to Support Learners in the New School Year

Meet your comprehensive literacy support tool! Read&Write has gone through some changes including new toolbar modes, enhanced word prediction and more!

Get ready for Back to School and dive into the features that will take your learners' literacy, understanding and accessibility to the next level.

Upcoming Dates:
August 7 | 1pm ET
August 16 | 1pm ET
August 29 | 11am ET
September 6 | 11am ET
September 19 | 11am ET
October 3 | 3pm ET

OrbitNote for Read&Write: PDF’s Will Never Be the Same

Experience the synergy of OrbitNote's intuitive features, creating a dynamic learning environment where students and educators can engage with PDF materials like never before.

Join us for an exploration of how this dynamic tool can revolutionize your classroom, fostering enhanced engagement, comprehension, and student success in the upcoming school year.

Upcoming Dates:
July 30 | 1pm ET
August 27 | 11am ET
September 27 | 11am ET

Snap&Read and CoWriter: Make the Digital World More Accessible

Snap&Read is a universally designed reading tool that will support your students’ learning experience.

Co:Writer is the industry standard when it comes to word prediction.

Join us to explore these two programs an how they can support your students in the digital environment.

Upcoming Dates:
August 14 | 2pm ET
September 4 | 11am ET
September 17 | 11am ET

Making Math Digital: Transform Your Math and STEM Classrooms with Equatio

Transform the way your learners learn and communicate math with Equatio - the powerful math tool that empowers them to create and express math digitally with ease.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize Math and STEM education in your classroom.

Upcoming Dates:
August 9 | 12pm ET
August 20 | 2pm ET
September 13 | 11am ET
September 25 | 11am ET

uPar: Identify Their Path to Understanding

uPar, the Universal Protocol in Accommodation for Reading, provides actionable data to enhance reading comprehension support for students who benefit from read-aloud support.

This training will equip you with the knowledge to effectively use uPar data, ensuring your students receive the best support for their reading success!

Upcoming Dates:
August 1 | 12pm ET
August 22 | 3pm ET
September 11 | 11am ET
October 1 | 11am ET