Get ready for Back to School with Texthelp and Don Johnston

Back to School Webinars

We know that preparing for the new school year can feel daunting, but here at Texthelp and Don Johnston, we want to lend a helping hand wherever possible.

This year we are offered a full schedule of virtual trainings to help make the new term smooth sailing.

You can now access these events on-demand.

Whether you are new to your Don Johnston and Texthelp products, or you would like a refresher, these trainings are full of great information on how to get started, and enhance your usage.

Meet the powerhouse duo: Read&Write and OrbitNote, that will take your learners' literacy, understanding and accessibility to the next level.

Looking for powerful tools to support your students' learning? Look no further than Snap&Read and Co:Writer with the new OrbitNote PDF reader.

Transform the way your learners learn and communicate math with Equatio - the powerful math tool that empowers them to create and express math digitally with ease.

Want to ensure that every student in your classroom receives the personalized reading instruction they need to succeed? Look no further than uPar.