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  • Encouraging Autonomy: Executive Function Tools to Promote Independent Learning

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    Independent learning benefits everyone. From building student confidence to lessening staff burden, it’s particularly helpful during school years that may feel a little overwhelming.

    For students with executive function challenges, relying on others for help keeps independent learning out of reach. When staff isn’t available for one-on-one support, it may keep learning itself out of reach.

    Various tech tools can bridge those challenges, and Diana Petschauer, founder of Assistive Technology for Education, can tell you what they are and how to implement them, even if you’re short on time, staff, and resources. Along with her colleague, Laurie McIntosh, tools and strategies will be taught to leverage student training to promote independent learning.

  • How not what: It's how we use EdTech that counts

    In this roundtable you’ll hear from our partners, the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT), on how technology and pedagogy come together to make maths accessible to everyone, everywhere. We're also joined by two other mathematics experts who share their tips on creating engaging maths classrooms for students. Keeping an eye on the time, and posing the questions of the day is our host Greg O'Connor, Head of Education for Texthelp Asia/Pacific.

  • Read&Write for Google Chrome and Edge Webinar

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    With an ever-increasing amount of educational content living online or in the cloud, students are working in digital environments now more than ever. An array of web-based tools and third-party software programs are all commonly used across campuses every day, but did you know that the way these tools are used can promote or take away from their efficacy?

    In this webinar, we discussed and demonstrated why students are better supported when they switch from Read&Write for desktop to Read&Write for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

  • Springboard to Spring Break: 3 Strategies to Ease Your Next 3 Months

    It’s no secret that COVID-19 continues to disrupt education. The pandemic has resulted in early retirements and teacher burnout, making this year more challenging than the last. However, the three months leading up to spring break don’t need to be the longest three months of our lives.

  • Inclusive Ed Bootcamp: How to meet the needs of a diverse range of students

    For students with different learning needs, getting the right type of support makes a lifetime of difference.

    We know how hard teachers and staff work to support all their students. But meeting the needs of 30 different learners in one class isn’t always easy. Knowing which tools, strategies and approaches will help can be even trickier. We want to help.

  • UDL Unlocked: Your self-paced guide to Universal Design for Learning

    Meeting the needs of a diverse group of students can feel like an intimidating task. Especially when offering personalized learning options feels like yet another task to add to your workload. But helping all students get the best out of their education doesn't have to be a big, scary task. There are tools to help you - starting with UDL Unlocked.

    In this video-based guide, get to know Universal Design for Learning and learn how it develops motivated, independent learners. You'll gain practical tips and templates to get you started. Get ready to unlock a new way of teaching and learning.

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