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EquatIO Mobile: Digital Maths in the Palm of your Hand

In past blog posts, we’ve discussed the value of technology in maths & STEM classrooms. Most notably, technology supports multiple means of representation and expression, it encourages group collaboration, and it provides students with rapid sharing and teacher feedback.

Despite these benefits, I’m sure we can all think of instances where more traditional forms of education still come in handy. For example, there may be some maths problems that students prefer to solve on a scratch piece of paper. Or, maybe as a teacher, you still find the whiteboard to be the easiest way to present your STEM lessons to the entire class.

We want to help you and your students merge these two forms of learning together so that you can experience the benefits of technology no matter what form the maths comes in. That’s why we created EquatIO Mobile.

EquatIO Mobile is a mobile companion for EquatIO for Google and EquatIO mathspace that enables you to use your phone or tablet to insert handwritten maths or STEM equations, spoken maths or images directly into your digital documents. You can draw, dictate or snap a photo, and your maths is instantly viewable from your computer or Chromebook.

Three ways to input maths

To get started, make sure you’ve got a document with EquatIO for Google activated or an EquatIO mathspace open on your desktop. Now go to EquatIO Mobile on your phone or tablet. Please note that EquatIO Mobile is currently available for use on Android devices using Google Chrome or iOS devices using Safari.

EquatIO Mobile will automatically find the “active documents” that you have open with EquatIO on your computer or Chromebook. Select the document that you would like to work on and then choose between three input types to add maths to your digital document.

Draw Maths

The first is Draw Maths, which lets you use the touchscreen of your phone or tablet to handwrite maths. This is particularly valuable for students who prefer to handwrite maths but don’t have access to a touchscreen computer or Chromebook.



The second input type is Record, which lets you dictate your maths into your microphone.


Maths Image

The third input type is Maths Image, which lets you take a photo with your camera. You can take a photo of anything, whether it be handwritten maths or STEM subject work on a scratch piece of paper, notes on the whiteboard, a worksheet, or a geometric shape found in nature.


Uploading to your digital document

Once you’re happy with the maths that you’ve written, spoken, or taken a picture of, now it’s time to upload it to the document that’s open on your computer or Chromebook. Within the Draw Math and Math Image inputs, you have two options for uploading: Save as Math or Save as Image. Within the Record input, you can just Save as Math.

Save as Maths

Save as Maths converts any spoken or handwritten work, whether it be via touchscreen or camera, into typed maths. This is similar to the Speech Input and Handwriting Recognition features in EquatIO.


Save as Image

Save as Image takes a screenshot of your maths and uploads it as-is into your digital document.

With a click of a button, the maths on your phone or tablet will be sent directly to your digital document, and you and your students can begin to take advantage of the many benefits of digital technology for your maths and STEM lessons.

To learn more about EquatIO Mobile and how it can support your students, watch the full demo video below.

Start exploring with your students today

EquatIO Mobile is a premium feature, however, we are making it available for free until April 11, 2018 so that you and your students can experience the power of the tool at no cost.

We are also making all features of EquatIO mathspace free until April 11th as well, so that you can see how these two tools work seamlessly together to support the learning process. After that time, please refer to our feature list to see what is available for free and premium users across all platforms.

If you are a teacher, remember you can get EquatIO free forever. Simply fill out our Free for Teachers form, and you’ll be up and running!

Looking for a new and exciting way to celebrate Pi Day this year? We’ve created three activities for you to try that combine the wonder of pi with the power of EquatIO Mobile! Download the activity sheet today.


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