How Read&Write can support multilingual employees

In international companies, English is often used as the dominant language. However, it’s crucial to make the necessary adjustments so that employees can still perform to the best of their ability if their first language isn’t English.

As the global workforce becomes more and more interconnected, having team members who speak different languages is now a very normal part of work. 

In the US, 68 million people speak a language other than English at home. In the UK, 4.1 million people don’t speak English as their first language. This shows how diverse our workplaces are becoming.

Providing multilingual solutions is an essential part of creating an inclusive workplace. When we support employees who speak more than one language, we help enable:

  1. Good communication throughout the workplace
  2. Respect for different cultures
  3. More confident, and in turn, productive employees
  4. A wider scope of different ideas
  5. A larger business reach across different languages

Multilingual employees might need support to help with:

  • Understanding complex text
  • Expressing ideas
  • Communicating with colleagues 
  • Using a wide vocabulary

Inclusive technology can prove crucial in helping with these day-to-day tasks. In fact, 68% of employees who speak English as a Second Language leverage technology in international team meetings to facilitate understanding and to make communication more pleasant.

Read&Write for Work is an inclusion support tool that supports employees who might find everyday literacy tasks a challenge, such as multilingual teams. Used and trusted by companies like EY, Lumen, and Network Rail, it offers a discreet toolbar for ease-of-use and instant support.

Used by organisations including

Hear from Álvaro Frias (Al), multilingual speaker and Account Manager at Texthelp, on how Read&Write supports him during daily tasks

As Al points out, Read&Write has a powerful set of reading and writing tools that are always at the disposal of employees. These tools can help in multiple areas, but are found in the one place.

What Read&Write tools can be used to support multilingual employees?


  • Icon Read&Write Dictionary

    Dictionary: Provides instant definitions as words are talked or typed. Supports industry-specific terminology within medical, engineering and legal professions (120,000 specialist words available).

  • Icon Read&Write Translator

    Translator: Instantly translates content into multiple languages.


    • Icon Read&Write Text to Speech

      Text-to-Speech: Reads on-screen text aloud with read-along highlighting of the spoken word to aid reading comprehension. (including inaccessible text)

    • Icon Read&Write Audio Maker

      Audio Maker: Converts text into MP3 audio files, for listening on the move.

    Writing Support

    • Icon Read&Write Prediction

      Prediction: Intuitively predicts the word the user is typing and the word most likely to follow.

    • Icon Read&Write Check It

      Check It: Powerful proofreading tool that highlights grammar and spelling errors.

        Let multilingual employees customise how they work with profile settings and additional voices

        1. Supercharged toolbar settings (Google Chrome): Employees can now customise their Read&Write toolbar options, languages and features for different tasks. This means they can easily switch between English and their preferred language. No need to switch back and forth in the one session.

        2. Voices from around the world (Windows): Read&Write has over 75 new online voices in different languages! So long as you're connected to the internet, you'll be able to access a wide of high-quality voices.

        How do multilingual employees use Read&Write for their everyday tasks?

        Hear from Álvaro Frias, a multilingual professional whose primary working language is English

        "Read&Write has helped me with not just the way I can access different documents, and content, but also with my writing by helping me instantly correct grammar mistakes. The translation tool in Read&Write allows me to translate documents, emails, and PDFs into my native language to help me process my work better. I can even provide translated documents to my customers."

        How can Read&Write help multilingual employees?

        Here’s how Read&Write can support multilingual employees with their day-to-day activities.

        Processing information in a different language

        Translator increases comprehension and expands language skills by allowing users to instantly translate text into their native tongue. Users have over 100 voices & 90 plus languages built in.

        Audio Maker offers users an alternative and convenient way to consume large amounts of information. This supports bilingual/those who speak English as a second language because hearing information read out loud helps support information processing, and reinforces learning etc.

        Daily tasks involving reading and writing in English

        Dictionary helps users to understand the meaning of words, and aids comprehension through visual support. This lets users quickly check a word they’re unsure of.

        Text-to-Speech reads content out loud. Hearing text read aloud reinforces understanding, increases focus and improves retention. It’s also a very powerful proofreading tool that can amplify literacy errors, and reinforce learning.

        Improves confidence for those getting used to speaking English frequently

        Prediction allows us to create digital content, such as emails and reports, faster and more accurately. Being able to choose from suggested words helps users to keep their flow, without distraction.

        Check It is a powerful proofreading tool that highlights grammar and spelling errors. This lets users feel more confident that their work is free of mistakes.

        English is not my first language so, when I have a lot of text to read, I use Read&Write as it reads the text out loud to me (like my Kindle). It’s a real time saver because I can work on other projects/tasks at the same time.

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