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Powerful reading and writing tools to help neurodiverse workforces to thrive.

1 in 5 people are neurodivergent. Inclusive technology supports employees with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism, ADHD, and beyond.

Read&Write for Work supports those who think, learn and work differently

Neurodivergent individuals think in ways that are truly unique, and bring talents to the workplace that are simply unforgettable. These individuals thrive and are more likely to succeed in a workplace where they can understand more and work in their own way. Read&Write is an inclusion tool that allows us to instantly support the huge numbers of people who struggle with digital text in some way. It helps to create an inclusive workplace where every employee has the tools they need to thrive.

  • Supports literacy challenges
  • Helps with information processing
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Supports productivity and reduces stress

Read&Write has the potential to support many of the employees that my team assesses. The easy and quick availability of the software means that those staff who struggle with reading and writing can access immediate support which can be life changing.


Text-to-Speech software allows staff to hear on-screen text read out loud. This is beneficial for neurodivergent employees because it helps with information processing. Hearing text read aloud reinforces understanding, increases focus and improves retention. As a bonus, it also amplifies literacy errors for effective proofreading!

Text-to-Speech is a key function within Read&Write. It's also supported by Screenshot Reader. Screenshot Reader makes inaccessible text or images accessible. Employees can capture inaccessible images or text from anywhere and convert them into accessible and editable formats.

Additionally, the Audio Maker supports employees when they're working with large documents. With Audio Maker, staff can convert text into MP3 files, for listening on the move. This feature helps staff to process large amounts of information much more conveniently.

Writing support

Literacy tools can help employees to write with more confidence. Neurodivergent employees often benefit from the reassurance it brings. For example, Read&Write offers intuitive word prediction. As employees type, the Prediction feature intuitively predicts the word the user is typing and the word most likely to follow. Being able to choose from suggested words helps users to keep their flow, without distraction.

The software also includes a Dictionary feature so staff can instantly check the meaning of unfamiliar words. The feature supports industry-specific terminology within medical, engineering and legal professions (120,000 specialist words available).

Also included in the software is our Dictation feature. With Dictation, employees simply speak and watch their words appear on screen. It offers an alternative to written notes. This helps employees who may struggle to put their thoughts down. It also benefits those working in fast-paced environments, where there’s a need for speed and accuracy.

Advanced spelling and grammar check

Employees with Dyslexia often benefit from software that supports spelling and grammar. It allows them to spend more time on the context of what they are writing and removes the worry over the mechanics of spelling.

Read&Write provides an advanced spelling and grammar check. Its Check It feature highlights grammar and spelling errors. Similar Word Checker highlights potential homophone errors, and offers alternative suggestions. 

My Dyslexia has always made some quite specific things tricky while I’m writing, like getting word endings correct. As soon as I discovered Read&Write for Work I found it a really big help. It immediately made me so much more confident in my writing.

Screen masking software

Screen masking software supports those with ADHD or Dyslexia who could benefit from being able to minimise on-screen distractions. It also benefits employees with sensitivities to colour or light. That’s because it helps to reduce on-screen glare from the stark white background.

Read&Write’s screen-tinting feature allows employees to tint the screen to their chosen colour. It also provides a reading spotlight that can be tailored by colour, size and opacity. Screen masking software such as this, helps to focus the users attention on content they want to read. It helps to reduce what many Dyslexics describe as ‘distorted and moving text’. This makes it easier to interpret, and helps employees to complete tasks quicker. Screen tinting also helps to ease eye strain for everyone.

I absolutely love the screen mask. I use that all the time, when I'm reading a PDF, or a web page document, or even my Word document. For me, with my neurodiversity, if there's too much information, or too much writing, I get confused. Even though I'm reading one section, it's like my eyes are looking at the other words and taking in the other words, and it causes confusion. With this mask, it not only helps me focus on the one section that I need to focus on, but it blurs out everything else. And it means my brain only has that to take in.

Fun fact

Before screen masking software, people with Dyslexia were advised to place a colour overlay over their monitor. Screen tinting software offers a more efficient option.

Today, colour overlays can benefit employees when reading through paperwork. Having coloured paper available for staff printing also helps.  

Organising & research support

At work, we often have to read and comment on large documents. For some neurodivergent employees, processing large documents can be overwhelming. It can take a long time. Tools that help with summarising and organisation can help.

With Read&Write’s Highlights feature, users can highlight and categorise information using four coloured highlighters. They can then collect the highlighted content by colour into a brand new document. This allows employees to highlight key content, and summarise information much quicker.

The Highlights feature also allows staff to collect digital content from multiple sources into one document, with automatic source referencing. This takes the stress out of research, and helps users to present findings accurately and in a professional way.

Read&Write Highlighters are so useful! They allow me to stay focused on the subject I’m researching without getting distracted. At the same time I can quickly grab - or highlight - any interesting information that I find along the way that may be useful for other projects. What’s great about this feature is that I literally just have to highlight the text and Read&Write does the rest - it drops the text into a new document along with the source and bibliography. So handy! 

Collaboration tools

When it comes to the digital workplace, collaborating on tasks or providing a task brief, is usually carried out using written documents. Some neurodivergent employees may prefer to communicate verbally. Inclusive software offers an alternative to written communication.

Read&Write’s Voice Note feature allows employees to record audio notes instead of leaving written comments. This allows users to quickly and easily get their thoughts down. It helps users to stay on track and speed up their pace of work. It also offers a friendly alternative to written feedback.

When it comes to collaboration, teams communicate using email, chat forums, PDFs and beyond. But it’s not easy for employees to edit a PDF document, or add notes. The Scan feature within Read&Write unlocks PDF files for editing. It can also turn paper resources into editable digital documents too.

What our product users say

"I definitely would recommend Read&Write, because for me, I struggled all my life with my neurodiversity, with my communication skills. I found it very difficult to interact with people and to feel that I have the ability to do stuff and to have achievements in my life. If I had Read&Write when I was a child, I would be a doctor today. That was my dream that I never fulfilled...If I ever had something that helped me hone my skill and understand my skill, I definitely would have achieved a lot more in my life as a young adult."

Deirdre Williamson, Biomedical Scientist and Read&Write for Work user with Marfan's Phenotype

Did you know?

Read&Write is an inclusion tool that supports all types of neurodiversity, including acquired forms. It can support individuals who have experienced a brain-altering experience, such as a brain injury. In the UK, every 90 seconds someone is admitted to hospital with an ABI-related (Acquired Brain Injury) diagnosis that could lead to a long-term disability. Nikki Goode shares how our Inclusive technology supported her to return back to work following her Acquired Brain Injury.

Read Nikki's story

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