Make maths accessible on every device with Equatio

In part 2 of our Texthelp Academy live at Bett series, we’re taking a deep dive into our STEM sessions hosted by Sammy White. We’ll be sharing the different ways you can use Equatio in your maths and science lessons to support accessibility and maximise device usage across the curriculum.

If you haven’t read part 1 on exam access arrangements yet, then be sure to check it out. Spoiler alert, Equatio can also be used in exams.

Accessibility in maths

It’s reported that 21.9% of pupils in all UK schools sectors receive SEN support identified with speech, language and communication needs. If you have a student who has a challenge with reading, then they are probably going to have struggles with numbers as well.

According to the British Dyslexia Association, 60% of those with dyslexia struggle with maths.

How do we make maths more accessible and support all students?

Take maths beyond paper and pen

With Equatio we can make maths digital and accessible by giving students choice in how they engage with STEM subjects. They can type, speak or handwrite their maths.

Have maths read aloud

During her Texthelp Academy session, Sammy said the one thing she wanted everyone to take away was using the Screenshot Reader in Equatio to have maths read aloud.

Maths Prediction

Create your maths and science expressions by typing right into Equatio’s equation editor. Use Prediction to insert fractions, formulas, chemical symbols, and more.

Visualise maths

Equatio mathspace is a web-based tool that allows maths learners to work freely in a digital space with equations, shapes, and freehand drawings.

Maximising Chromebook use in STEM

In 2020/2021, 1.9 million devices were given to students and a large proportion of these were Chromebooks.

“The pen is still mightier than the Chromebook, so why would we change that?” - Sammy White

Using Chromebooks in maths and science means that your devices are being used right across the curriculum. It helps students realise the importance of technology in maths and science.

Google Chrome integrations

Students can access Equatio’s powerful STEM features where they’re used to working. Whether that’s in Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings and even Google Forms for maths assessment.

Try Equatio for yourself

As we’ve learned from Sammy, Equatio:

  • Offers the same support for maths as tools like Read&Write does for literacy
  • Drives an equitable learning experience for all inside and outside the classroom
  • Gives students multiple ways to connect with maths and science

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