Words can’t hold us back

In our first national literacy survey, we learned that reading and writing difficulties are more common than we might think. This has a massive impact on people’s lives and how they feel about themselves.

Plane flying banner that reads word can't hold us back

With our Words can’t hold us back campaign we’re bringing this issue to light, so we can remove the stigma and help to break the cycle.

Early intervention, along with making sure that people know where and how to get the help they need is key.

We’ve put together some downloadable guides to support literacy and help young people become better readers.

Meet our campaign ambassador

There are many reasons why people struggle to read, write and communicate.

We know that the sooner young people get the help they need the better the outcome will be. To help us spread the word we’re partnering with a literacy ambassador.

Dylan Llewellyn

British TV actor and ‘Derry Girls’ star

“Being severely dyslexic meant I found school challenging and was often behind with my classwork. I struggled at mainstream school but as soon as I went to a specialist school it did help me grow in confidence and develop learning techniques.”

“Acting with dyslexia has thrown up some challenges, for example, if I have to learn a script quickly then this can be difficult to do. Reading and writing is a part of everyone’s lives, so it’s important that there is support for everybody, not just pupils with dyslexia who attend a specialist school.”

Photo by Joseph Sinclair

About us

We’re Texthelp. As the name suggests, our aim is to help people with text, particularly those who struggle with digital text.

We design tools to help people understand and be understood. We want to make sure everyone has the support they need to succeed. From early years right through education and into the workplace - we’re with you for life.

We’ve helped over 50 million people and by 2030 we plan to help 1 billion people