Guide to unlocking neurodiversity in your workplace

HR Professionals, DE&I Specialists, Engagement Managers, CEOs, Disability Champions: If you're curious about the power of neurodiversity and what it can bring to your team or business, this free guide is for you.

Discover how to create a culture that welcomes neurodiverse teams. Hear how other businesses are supporting neurodivergent employees, such as Network Rail, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and Sainsbury's.

What's in the guide?

  • Information on the positive impact neurodiversity has in the workplace
  • An insight into unique neurodivergent talents we should embrace
  • Practical advice on how to support neurodivergent employees
  • Lots of additional resources to boost your journey to be more inclusive

What else?

  • Nine business leaders share their insights on how to make your workplace more inclusive
  • We share 7 ways to support neurodivergent employees working from home
  • Hear from Anna, an HR administrator with a hidden disability, on the inclusive tools she uses to support her at work

You'll gain

  • A better understanding of your work colleagues. Because we’re all unique. And, our differences are the reason great things happen in the workplace.
  • Practical advice from experts on the inclusive strategies and tools that are making a difference to businesses worldwide.
  • Confidence to take steps in your business to support your diverse teams and in turn increase engagement, productivity, and innovation.

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