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We’re here to help university students across a wide range of degree-level courses, from English and humanities to maths, sciences and technology.  Our support tools make reading, writing and maths on computers, laptops and tablets easier and more rewarding. And that means delivering a richer and more inclusive learning experience that prepares young people for their successful future that lies ahead.
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For every student, all of the time

Our support technologies help students in the transition from school or college to Higher Education, where there’s a greater focus on independent learning and self-study.
They’re also great for students from overseas whose first language isn't English, EAL students and multilingual learners. And they’re particularly valuable for university students with accessibility needs like dyslexia or mild visual impairments that can make reading and writing tricky.

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Study smarter with Read&Write

Hear emails and documents read out loud. Enrich essays and coursework with wider vocabulary and fewer errors. Clarify and bring structure to online research. Polish assignments and day-to-day correspondence with handy dictionary, translator and proofing tools.

Read&Write offers a range of practical literacy tools that every university student can benefit from - whether they are high-attaining or require additional learning supports.
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Make STEM digital with EquatIO

EquatIO helps students and their professors create equations, formulas, graphs and more directly on their digital device. Input’s easy: type, hand-write, or dictate any expression, with no tricky coding or maths languages to master.

We’ve created EquatIO to meet the needs of a wide range of personal learning styles, enabling every student to benefit from its feature set. EquatIO allows university students with low vision or who are fully blind to hear maths read aloud.
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Read&Write: boosting confidence and achievement in the workplace .

Read&Write assists students with a wide range of daily literacy tasks, from polishing essays and emails to online research.

Learn more about Read&Write
Equatio making math digital

EquatIO makes maths digital. Talk, type or sketch equations and formulas: then add them into documents and worksheets with a click.

Learn more about EquatIO
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Great for teaching staff, too

Our support tools enrich teaching and learning for everybody on campus. They’re especially welcomed by professors and lecturers, who can use them to prepare course materials, listen to turned-in papers on the move and proof day-to-day correspondence.

Read&Write helps university staff structure teaching notes, create engaging study plans or listen to articles and papers while they’re on the move.
EquatIO makes it quicker and easier for lecturers to produce polished course materials for maths and STEM subjects.
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Maximizing your university's appeal

Today’s academic institutions are attracting an ever-increasing volume of online applications from international students. In a higher education marketplace that's truly global, it's vital to ensure that your website is easily-accessible by the widest possible audience.

Adding our Browsealoud assistive technology can make university websites more appealing to prospective students from overseas, helping them research and apply for courses online.
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UDL on campus - how to design for learning in higher education

Transform teaching and learning in your higher education institution with Universal Design for Learning (UDL). We recently teamed up with Allison Posey, Curriculum and Design Specialist at CAST and Dr Abigail Moriarty, Director of Teaching & Learning at De Montfort University to provide the best examples and analogies of the UDL framework in practice. 

If you would like to grasp the basics of UDL or have a refresher on the fundamentals, you can watch these webinars to give you an overview.

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