More and more telecoms firms are shifting rapidly to an online-focused service model, relying on the web for customers to manage their accounts, order new services and make general enquiries.

Tens of millions of users are dependent on telecoms services, but what steps are being taken to make sure all customers are served equally, regardless of their abilities, challenges and personal circumstances?

Ofcom has a duty under the Communications Act 2003 to promote the interests of citizens and consumers - including individuals with various physical and cognitive impairments. Ofcom are now performing spot checks on communication providers to monitor progress against their report '‘A guide to publicising services available to disabled people’ - how accessible is your information?

Reaching out to more customers

Digital technologies and online services have revolutionised many aspects of our lives - and we’re facing a future where they will play an even bigger role.

Forward-looking businesses are realising the benefits of a ‘self-serve’ model to address their customers and other stakeholders too. As well as generating tangible cost savings, digital channels are a great way to reach new audiences and deliver a more convenient, appealing service, from front-line sales and marketing to helpdesks and online customer support.

Companies can maximise new growth opportunities - and stand out from their competitors - by accommodating the needs of the millions of people who lack basic digital skills, including those with print disabilities like dyslexia, and those with English as a second language.
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Ofcom report

How accessible is your information?

Issued late last year by UK telecoms regulator Ofcom, ‘A guide to publicising services available to disabled people’ puts the onus on communication providers to make information for their customers readily accessible. 

We've simplied the report so it's much easier to understand and we've produced a handy checklist to monitor your progress and ensure recommendations don't fall through the cracks.

What our customers in Telecoms say...

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“With Browsealoud, we’re practicing what we preach on accessibility and inclusion solutions for vulnerable customers - we’re providing the best possible accessibility solution on our website and we’re benefiting from greater customer engagement. It’s no surprise Ofcom recommend Browsealoud as best practice to ensure people with disabilities can access information online - I can’t recommend it enough.”

Mark Skelton, iCare Project Ambassador, Talk Direct
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