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Automatic spelling correction,

as you type, in any programme.

AutoCorrect saves time and helps students to focus on what they’re writing by automatically and intelligently correcting spellings as they type.

AutoCorrect helps to:

  1. Automatically and discreetly correct spellings
  2. Reduce stress
  3. Remove interruptions, allowing students to focus on what they want to say

Features at a glance

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    Vocabulary from over 130 subject dictionaries

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    Intelligent corrections happen instantly

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      Improve productivity, reducing distractions from red underlines and spell checking

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      Discreet and easy to use

    What DSA Assessors say about AutoCorrect

    With AutoCorrect, you can write now, work on spelling later, and keep track of your commonly misspelled words. This is a great writing tool and accommodation.

    Where it works

    AutoCorrect is available for Windows and macOS. Students can use AutoCorrect on their laptop or MacBook.

    Did you know?

    AutoCorrect is available with all Read&Write and ClaroRead DSA licences.

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    • Yes, AutoCorrect will correct your spelling in all programmes, so you can use it for essays or reports, emails, presentations and on the web. The only exceptions are certain video games which deliberately block the methods the program uses. You can also choose to exclude a particular programme from AutoCorrect if you don’t want your spelling to be corrected there.

    • AutoCorrect automatically corrects many of your spelling mistakes so you can focus on your work and spend less time spell-checking. But sometimes you might need to use a manual spell-checker for ambiguous words, homophones and grammar mistakes, when it’s not safe to correct these words automatically.

      1. It works everywhere. With AutoCorrect you’re not limited to one programme – your spelling is automatically corrected wherever you’re typing.
      2. It’s intelligent. When you make a mistake, the software analyses the sound patterns in the word to understand what you’re trying to spell, then makes an instant correction.
      3. It’s easy to add new corrections. AutoCorrect provides you with millions of autocorrections as soon as it’s installed. But you can also add your own – just highlight a word and press F2.
      4. It can help you to improve your spelling. AutoCorrect keeps track of your spelling mistakes so you can focus on them in your own time.