We’ve made math digital.

EquatIO takes the pain out of creating mathematical expressions digitally.

Made for today’s tech-focused classrooms, this Chrome browser extension lets you type, handwrite, or dictate equations, formulas and more directly on your computer or Chromebook. Then add your expression with a click of a button to Google Docs, Forms, Slides, Sheets and Drawings. Input’s easy with EquatIO. You don’t need to know any complicated math code or programming languages like LaTeX. 

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EquatIO is your smart assistant

With intuitive prediction realising that you mean ‘square root’ when you type ‘sq’...It’s also clever enough to ignore those ‘umms’ and ‘errs’ when you’re dictating a formula aloud. And to save you even more time, there’s a huge library of ready-made expressions, from simple formulas to complex functions. 

Ideal for today’s BYOD and UDL classrooms, EquatIO works on Windows, Mac and Chromebooks and offers tools to suit every learning style. 

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More than a replacement for pen and paper

These days, students are more likely to pick up their devices than pen and paper to complete an assignment. But math has been left behind in today’s classrooms.

Writing equations and other math expressions on a computer or tablet isn’t easy - even basic fractions like ‘three quarters’ (¾) are a challenge. And it’s even tougher adding square root signs, advanced fractions, powers and other mathematical symbols.

Much more than a replacement for pen and paper, EquatIO makes math and STEM subjects more accessible in today’s classrooms. Great for students and teachers at all grade levels, it encourages a more interactive, collaborative approach to exploring math related subjects.  Try EquatIO today and find out for yourself.
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How much does it cost?

Single users can buy direct from us by visiting our online store above. A single annual subscription costs $100. Discounted pricing is available for group and unlimited licenses. If you would like more product information or pricing, then you can contact our Texthelpers.

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Benefits Features
  • Makes digital math simpler for students and teachers - more than just a replacement for pen and paper problem solving
  • Allows fast, intuitive creation of math formulas and other expressions for insertion into Google Docs, Forms, Slides, Sheets and Drawings
  • Instantly understands what you’re typing or handwriting, turning expressions into clear, accurate on-screen formulas
  • Save time and effort - no tricky mathematical description languages or coding to learn
  • Supports enriched learning collaboration in math and STEM subjects
  • A perfect partner for today’s Google Ed-centric schools and colleges
  • Made for BYOD classrooms - works on Windows, Mac and Chromebook
  • Built with UDL principles in mind to support a wide range of learning styles
  • Enter math expressions via your device’s keyboard, touchscreen or voice input 
  • Easily insert accurately-formatted equations and formulas into documents with a click
  • Intuitive prediction speeds up accurate entry of simple and more complex math expressions
  • Removes ‘umms’, ‘errs’ and other unwanted non-math words when dictating aloud
  • Built-in library of ready-made formulas, equations and other math expressions 
  • Integrates with Read&Write for Google Chrome for Math-to-Speech capabilities