UDL: Game Plan to Win

UDL Touchdown: making a play for all learners

About the session

Many trends and tools have emerged over the years to help improve teaching and learning. We certainly know technology can be a powerful tool for helping teachers and students stay connected as well as remove barriers in the learning environment. However, technology on its own will not drastically change teaching and learning;however, technology coupled with a powerful, research-based framework can result in big wins for all! In this session, we will discuss how to leverage Universal Design for Learning, a research-based instructional framework, to guide the integration of technology into learning environments-large and small scale-and UDL coupled with powerful technology tools can support all teachers and learners. We’ll explore the many ways that UDL belongs in the education hall of fame, and how UDL and powerful accessibility and assistive technology tools have helped students in our district emerge as expert learners. By the end of the session, attendees will be able to recognize the value of UDL for guiding decision-making and inclusive design, identify how technology tools can remove barriers, and point to specific success stories shared in the session to help inform the next steps in your UDL journey.

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