Coronavirus: A learning curve for education


As Coronavirus spread, school doors closed all over the country but teaching continued, presenting educators with a number of challenges; how do schools continue to teach? How do teachers know that learning has taken place and how do they keep students of all ages engaged? 
Originally featured in Open Access Government in April 2020, Patrick shares his thoughts on COVID-19’s impact on learners and how to design an effective interim strategy. 

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Tools to support students where they learn & work online


With the move to distance learning, students are interacting with increased amounts of content online. This move comes with new challenges and adjustments to the way all students are completing their semester. 

Texthelp’s Read&Write toolbar provides access for students within the digital locations commonly used to host and teach online. These resources are key for many students to continue their learning and finish their term successfully. 

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A new way to experience WriQ


Since we released WriQ as a Chrome extension two years ago, we've seen WriQ mature into a fully fledged writing assessment and student achievement tool. And now we're excited to offer the same solution from Microsoft Word users. Read on to find out more…

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Celebrating National Thank A Teacher Day Remotely


Schools are closed, classrooms are empty and teachers are connecting with students virtually. But this won’t stop parents, schools & students from celebrating National Thank A Teacher Day on 20th of May to thank teachers for everything they do in supporting student learning, especially as they are working hard to ensure teaching continues remotely. 

We know it might be difficult not being able to show your thanks in person this year, so we’ve put together some of the best ways to thank your teacher remotely. 

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EquatIO mathspace: it’s elementary my dear


The overall goal of EquatIO is to make it delightful, intuitive, and fun for students to communicate their thought processes. While a lot of our initial EquatIO releases and updates focused on supports for Middle and High School students, we wanted to spend some time creating features that would support Elementary School students as well. Great news: Introducing EquatIO Mathspace for iPad!

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