A better experience for you online

Browsealoud provides you with speech, reading and translation support.  It helps you to navigate and understand digital content and interact online with confidence.

You can add Browsealoud to your device now and always have it at your fingertips when browsing the web.  It will work from any device - your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. 

The information you read out loud with Browsealoud is transmitted to and from our speech servers securely.

All Devices

Click and drag the link below to your browser’s Bookmarks toolbar


For Internet Explorer 8 please right click the link and select “Add to Favourites”. If you need any help adding Browsealoud to your device, we've got a support article that will help you.

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You can customise Browsealoud to suit your preferences.  For example, you can change the default language.    

Find Browsealoud on your device - it’ll be in your favourites or your bookmarks.

Edit Browsealoud - find the two-letter language tag “us” and change it to your preferred language tag.  For example, for Mexican Spanish replace “us” with “mx-sp” or for Canadian French “ca-fr” or for German “de”.

Watch the video to see how Browsealoud works.