literacy… not just for the English classroom

Responsibility for raising attainment in literacy doesn’t stop once students leave the English classroom, each subject leader and teacher has a responsibility to boost literacy. That’s why we’ve designed Read&Write to be useful for students right across the curriculum.

did you know that Read&Write can be used by all students, in EVERY class? 

There are features and tools to support each and every student, from English language learners to SEN students, from high achievers to students in a low attainment group, each and every one can benefit from using Texthelp tools.


So, how can Read&Write support all your learners?

ELLEnglish language learners
Read&Write provides the tools for students’ whose first language isn’t English to help with pronunciation, spelling and recognition of English words. 

high-achieversHigh achievers
Proofreading tools in Read&Write are a great way of self-checking essays and assignments as well as grammar and spell checkers adding extra polish to students’ work.

MiddleMiddle band
Read&Write has lots of tools to support the middle band of learners and stretches their learning limits. Tools like reading aloud helps students with questions and answering techniques, and increases their focus. Students will also benefit from study skills tools to improve organisation and exam prep. 
special educationSpecial Educational Needs
There are a whole host of tools in Read&Write designed to help students with special educational needs including, Text-to-Speech to help with word recognition, it’s also a great way of spotting mistakes for those students who struggle to read text. What’s more, students with access arrangements in place can use Read&Write as a digital reader in exams, even in the GCSE English Language paper, where a human reader is not permitted.

low attainmentLow attainment group
For those students who just need a little extra help, Read&Write can be a great boost. Spelling and Grammar checkers give them greater confidence, allowing them to self check their own work before submitting. Other tools like Prediction helps to expand the vocabulary they use.