If you’re an existing customer or new to our products, we want to help.

We’re all experiencing a period of uncertainty and change.

Throughout the next academic year, it’s highly likely that we're going to see lots of sporadic localised lockdowns due to COVID-19, forcing teachers to leverage blended, hybrid, or completely digital instruction.

Remote and blended learning is going to be a long-term feature of education but we want to do our part to help minimise disruption to crucial teaching and learning time. 

If you need to migrate to remote learning practices, we want to make sure that you’ve got everything you need to use our technology to design great curriculum content, deliver teaching strategies and support your students. 

So if you’re an existing customer or new to our products, we want to help.

Keeping you up-to-date

Our team is constantly listening to advice from education bodies across the globe as well as locally and aim to keep you updated with remote and blended learning practices as we nagivate through this new school year together. Below you'll find the most recent blogs we've written on the topic. 

Edtech - the route to equality for SEN learners?

These are challenging times for both teachers and students as schools now plan clear and concise remote learning strategies to ensure provision is in place for wherever we’ll be teaching and learning going forward. In this we must ensure that our SEND students are not disadvantaged and don’t face the barriers that occurred during lockdown. Accessibility for these students will ensure accessibility and equity of access for all students.

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Promoting learning and building understanding through assessment

A central tenet to promoting learning and building understanding is how we integrate assessment and feedback into teaching practices. This drives our approach and shapes how learning is measured. Assessment drives instruction and learning. It informs us in our practice, and crucially, it informs our students of their progress and shows the path to how they might improve. 

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Motivating students to engage in their individual education journey

Looking towards how our education models are changing - whether a blended learning approach, or solely in the classroom, it’s clear that we have to learn from our experiences in ‘lock down’ and build or adapt better strategies that leverage technology to provide a more proactive approach to motivation and engagement for all students.

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How to use Texthelp tools to enhance Remote Learning for Schools

At Texthelp, our vision is for a world where difference, disability or language are no longer barriers. Technology has a hugely important role to play in helping to remove barriers to learning and at this time, that’s more important than ever.

We’ve always understood that learning and accessing support outside of school is a hugely important part to that learning. Our education tools integrate easily into Google Classroom providing teachers the ability to build resources and instantly set assignments, discussions or provide learning materials. 

If you need to migrate to remote learning practices, we want to make sure that you’ve got all the support you need to use our technology.  Take a look at each one below to understand how they can help support remote teaching and learning practice:


For Teachers: Provide oral feedback and generate resources fast including rich PDF resources with annotations, markup and comments. Grade and assess completed work online.

For Students: Maintain essential in-class support tools at home. Study, research and revise effectively with a range of tools. Complete assignments, worksheets and activities in PDF.


For Teachers: Create rich math resources and activities. Build workflows automatically. Review, grade and return student work fast. Collaborate with students on shared assignments.

For Students: Give students a collaborative platform to complete activities. Engage students with math in a fully digital way. Support individual approaches to learning. 


For Teachers: Track progress, including number of words written and time on task. Give students meaningful and personalised feedback in real-time. 

For Students: Receive remote feedback and helpful guidance within rubrics to improve written work. Track writing fluency and visualise progress.

Fluency Tutor

For Teachers: Track progress over time, assess key reading fluency skills and comprehension. Give quick feedback or a more in-depth assessment of reading progress online.

For Students: Motivate students to read, Practice reading aloud, rehearse and record before submitting to the teacher. Built-in supports for comprehension and understanding.

From valuable resources to best practices, we’ll give you the information you need to start supporting all your students during this time, please get in touch  we'll do our best to create the right resources for you.  In the meantime, here are some links to get you up and running faster.


Extra resources to help get you started: remote learning support

More support information for Higher Education to follow soon...