• UDL in Higher Education: Can Tech Help Create Belonging?

    Universal Design is all around us. It makes sure that products and environments are usable to all people, by design. If we want all learners to succeed - we need to ensure that we are continuing their supports into higher education as well as k through 12. This bonus episode, Our host Joni Degner will be recapping a discussion on Can Tech help create belonging? That took place over on Think UDL (hosted by Lillian Nave) with Rachel Kruzel, Higher Education Specialist at Texthelp. 

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  • Texthelp Talks Season One

    Welcome to another season of the Texthelp Talks podcast. The podcast that gets you thinking differently about disability inclusion. This season we are chatting all things Dyslexia.

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  • Future building in education - and the role of technology

    In this episode Brett Salakas speaks to Texthelp's Greg O'Connor about future building in education. Brett is a teacher, leader, poet and the founder of aussieED (the largest online network of teachers in Australia) and the co-founder of both the ED Poets Society and TheWalkingED.

    Greg and Brett discuss:
    -Preparing children for the future
    - Access to Ed-tech and equity issues
    - Learner agency in a changing world
    - The role of the teacher in building for the future

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  • Inclusive technology: Supporting dyslexia from education to the workplace

    As many as 15% of people globally are dyslexic. Dyslexic individuals will thrive in environments that support different ways of thinking and doing. In this podcast episode, we’ll be taking a look at how inclusive technology can support Dyslexic individuals from university right through to the workplace. Joining us is Crystal Rose, a Public Sector employee with Dyslexia.

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  • Changing the narrative: unlocking potential through Dyslexic thinking

    Research from leading charity, Made by Dyslexia and ManPower Group found that by 2025 humans & machines will split work 50:50. The 50% that are ‘human’ skills are also Dyslexic Thinking Skills. This means that if at school and work we’re not all able to succeed, that’s a problem for everyone.

    We need to redefine dyslexia for the 21st century by educating workplaces and education systems to understand dyslexia as a strength. In this podcast episode, we’ll be learning from lived experiences. Joining us is Lynsey Redpath, a fellow Texthelper with Dyslexia who is breaking down stigma and shouting about the power of her Dyslexic thinking.


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  • Are words holding you back?

    In this episode we hear from Texthelpers Donna Thomson and Greg O'Connor. Donna introduces the discussion before passing over to Greg who is our host for the day. Greg was joined by Aussie educators Jacinta Keenan and Brett Salakas and also by El'ise Bothe, a reality TV star and dyslexia ambassador.  Finally, Donna closes out the session and gives us 1 thing to know, 1 thing to think about and 1 thing to do. 

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