Check out our upcoming webinars with accessibility, edtech and industry experts from around the world.

  • Driving Inclusive Digital Banking

    Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen the digital world quickly evolve. Lockdown of the physical world led to people using the internet more often and for more reasons. It also sped up the need for financial services to be primarily online, or 'digital by default'. And with that, the need to up the ante with digital accessibility. In this recorded webinar, we look at how financial services can drive digital accessibility in banking.

  • Roundtable Discussion: Travel with confidence through your DE&I journey

    In this one hour session, hear from Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) experts. Listen as they tour DE&I through the lens of hidden disabilities and neurodiverse talent. Sit back and relax as our panelists chat about what DE&I actually means for your business and your people. Take note as they share practical tips to help you improve how you recruit and support a diverse workforce. Hear first hand from our neurodiverse panelists about supports that help them to achieve a sense of belonging at work. 

  • Introduction to creating an inclusive culture at work

    Belonging is a fundamental human need. At work, employees feel a sense of belonging when they feel valued for their individual contributions (28%), and have a sense of community and connection to others (21%). A sense of belonging results in a 56% increase in performance. But many of us mask part of ourselves at work to “fit in”. Masking is exhausting! It’s bad for business too - limiting diverse thinking, innovation and creativity.

    Register for this series of on demand webinars powered by neurodivergent talent and DE&I experts from global brands. Discover how to create a workplace that celebrates diversity, amplifies voices, and creates a sense of belonging for all.  Register to watch now by filling in your details.

  • 10 Reasons Why You’ll Love District-Wide Access to Read&Write

    Our resident UDL Specialist, Joni Degner, hosted a live webinar to show you why you’ll love domain access to Read&Write and how it will impact your district for the better.

  • Your UDL Journey Guide - A Roundtable Discussion

    Texthelp and CCEE recently joined forces to host a UDL roundtable discussion.

  • Co:Writer Training